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What you get-

  • Up to four hours with me in your home or my studio (Located in Cynthiana). This leaves plenty of time for nursing/feeding, snuggling and comforting your little one.

  • A digital gallery with up to 25 of the best images from the shoot, professionally edited along with a print release.

  • I like for baby to be naked for most shots, however, I love when parents have props and bows and hats to personalize the session.

  • If using my studio you will have full access to all of my props and accessories!

  • When scheduling I ask for your expected due date. You will be penciled in and once little one arrives you must contact me immediately to be appropriately scheduled. ( It is preferred that baby be under 14 days for optimal squish BUT NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE!)

  • I ask that baby be well fed and your home to be very warm, as this helps keep baby sleepy and Happy and snuggly for our session!

  • PLEASE ask me about Belly to Baby packages that document your babies first year of life while saving you money!!! 

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